Orbit Express

We are Employee centric – our Committed and diverse staff team is our most valued asset. Our team is Achievement driven people who believe in themselves and their Company.


Our team’s collective contribution is reflected in our Client’s trust in our services that their valuable shipment will reach the destination safely and on time.


Our growth as an Organization is due to our employee centric policy of training and rewarding excellent performers with Managerial positions to handle higher responsibilities in the interest of the Company and the clientele. We reward employees who take initiative and align their growth to the company’s growth.


We value our Employees who in turn value our Customers and uphold the Company’s values of Quality of Service  to Clients.


Orbit is one big happy family of  qualified, professionals who are extremely dedicated people. We are what we are today – solely on account of our team’s energy, perseverance, commitment to Quality of Service, and loyalty to the company and its clients.

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