Orbit Express
    “A FRIEND in need is a friend indeed”

The Express Service Industry which offers yeoman service to the Business Community by supporting the Business Community by providing  services round the clock and across Borders is least recognized by the Indian Legislation makers. 


“Express service is most the neglected sector as it runs without any guideline and support of the government”, alleged a group of owners from leading courier service companies. They added that there were lack of standards in the services including  fixing of standard  rates of different services which resulted in loss of confidence of the clients.


"We do not even belong to any ministry to press for our demands," said one of them, adding that as result of which rivalry ha developed between postal departments and courier services.


With a substantial asset base, strong management team and a growing range of services, Orbit is ideally placed to help you compete effectively.


This lack of regulation and the easily available trade license to start the business , owners felt that Courier houses had mushroomed which has led to damaging the business’ reputation as a respected service provider.

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