Orbit Express


Orbit is a strong company having excellent & path breaking   Customer centric delivery solutions  for today’s business environment and has stringent demands on timely, cost effective and efficient delivery of Parcels/Documents/ Cargo with cordial personalised service in India and the world over. 



Today the company is proud to have an impressive network of offices spanning across India and establishments in 9 countries other than India, covering 220 countries Worldwide.

    Our relentless pursuit is that of providing an innovative approach to offering customised solutions for our customers whilst not compromising on timely delivery or safety of the consignment.  


Orbit’s young and professional team is dedicated to Qualitative services and personalized services to our valued Customers which translates into personal and Company’s development.

We Saw, We stayed and we conquered  

The Company has grown from strength to strength, rapidly expanding its operations, with newer Branches wherever it saw business opportunities in India and abroad. And since then, there has been no looking back. Orbit’s service mindedness towards customers ensured repeat business and opened up new avenues of business wherever Orbit decided to set up its offices.


Today the Company is a proud owner of an impressive network of offices spanning across India and in 9 other countries with a reach in 220 countries.


We believe in ….



The Mantra for our success and growing popularity among the discerning World wide clientele is : 


We constantly review our services to ensure that they meet the demands of a growing list of customers throughout commerce, industry and the media. Continuous improvement is in built in our daily work processes at every level of the organization
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